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JCT Minor Works Building Contract

The JCT Minor Works Building Contract is designed for smaller, basic construction projects where the work is of a simple nature. Minor Works Building Contracts are suitable for projects procured via the traditional or conventional method.
In previous editions, the guidance was that the JCT Minor Works Building Contract was suitable for projects up to the sum of 100,000 (2001 prices), but the current guide lines have set no limits. The general advice now is that it should be the nature of the contract, not the value that should be the deciding factor on which form of contract to use. This means the Minor Works can be used for larger projects, provided that they are straight forward in nature.

The JCT Minor Works Building Contract MW11 is a traditional lump sum contract, relatively simple in its overall structure and with few procedural rules. The contractor undertakes to carry out the work shown in the contract documents, by the completion date entered in the contract particulars, in return for a contract lump sum, based on drawings and/or a specification and/or work schedules. Those documents should therefore be in a form sufficient to enable the Contractor to accurately identify the work to be done without the need for the Employer to provide bills of quantities.

There are provisions for varying the work, together with mechanisms for adjusting the contract sum and the completion date. In general terms, the contract assumes that all work is designed by the contract administrator.

The JCT Minor Works Guidance Notes are included at the back of the contracts.

In addition the JCT published these FREE Check Lists for completing the contracts.

Minor Works Building Contract Checklist

Minor Works with Contractors Design Checklist

Listed below are the JCT Minor Works building Contracts and subcontracts, as well as some other related Minor Works guides and documentation. Also books and pricing guides dealing with the types of building works where the JCT Minor Building Works contract would be used.

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